About the Town of Berkeley Springs

In the heart of West Virginia’s panhandle sits the town of Berkeley Springs, rich in culture and history against a stunning backdrop of mountains and a famous warm spring. Boasting a variety of spas, scenery, and historical sites, the small mountain town is a charming destination for the entire family.

History buffs will enjoy seeing the town through the eyes of one of its most dedicated tourists, George Washington. Having frequented the town beginning in his younger years as a surveyor and later as a tourist, markers throughout the town denote important landmarks pertaining to the first President, including land that he owned and his famous bathtub. A replica of George Washington’s Bathtub is a popular spot for photo-ops, and is honored by a yearly celebration in the spring. The warm spring waters that first enticed Washington, which remain a balmy temperature in the low 70s year-round, are a large draw for tourists today. Easily accessed by Berkeley Springs State Park in the heart of town, the historic Old Roman Bath House and the Main Bath House utilize the spring waters for the purpose they have served for centuries—soothing and rejuvenating spa experiences.

The arts scene of Berkeley Springs enriches the town’s charm, with a diverse array of galleries, events, and performances. Local art can be admired at the Ice House, operated by the Morgan Arts Council, which includes art galleries, theatre performances, and concerts. The town is peppered with smaller galleries that display art ranging from quilts to sculpture and glass. Film fans will enjoy the Star Theatre, which shows select films in a vintage and picturesque setting that dates back to the 1920s.

No visit to Berkeley Springs is complete without taking in the breathtaking views that encompass the town and enjoying outdoor activities. Abundant opportunities for hiking or biking, as well as quaint lodging options, are available at Cacapon State Park, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mountain areas. Each fall, the area hosts a Birding Festival, where bird watchers can enjoy the diverse migrating birds overhead as well as informational workshops by experts.

Whether you seek scenery, history, culture, or simply just a unique experience in the mountains of West Virginia, Berkeley Springs has something for everyone. Step back in time to one of the many periods represented and enjoy all this cozy hidden gem has to offer.

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