How are mail and packages delivered?

Dawne Holz

Mail Service

US Postal Mail is delivered to the CMA mailbox facility near the tennis courts. Mailboxes are assigned to houses on a first come, first served basis. There is a one-time fee for a mailbox, but once assigned it permanently stays with the house. If you just purchased your home, you may want to check with the previous owner to determine if they already had a mailbox and if they can provide the key(s). Owners can also rent a POBox at the Berkeley Springs Post Office, just north of downtown.

Package Delivery

Package delivery services such as FedEx and UPS will deliver packages to your house. We recommend you include your lot number along with your street address (i.e., 123 Bobcat Drive, Lot K-21, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411).

If packages arrive by USPS, you must have a CMA-assigned mailbox, a POBox at the Berkeley Springs Post Office OR a “delivery point” set up with the Berkeley Springs Post Office (see below) for delivery. This includes packages shipped via FedEx SmartPost (FedEx packages that transfer to USPS for delivery).

For CMA mailbox holders, the Postal Carrier will place the package in one of the Parcel Lockers and put the locker key inside your mailbox. If the package is too large for a locker, they will put it in the CMA wooden box and leave a note in your mailbox.

To arrange a “delivery point” with the Post Office, owners need to fill out a delivery card at the Post Office and they will hold the packages at the Post Office until they are picked up. Please contact the Post Office at (304) 258-1424 for more information.

If you need a CMA mailbox, please contact the CMA Treasurer or Bookkeeper.