How do I arrange for regular trash collection?

CMA does not collect trash from owners’ properties. Owners must arrange for their own trash disposal. This may include hiring a trash collection contractor or hauling out your own trash. Some rental management agencies may take care of trash for your rental property (be sure to check on this with the agency). It is the owner’s responsibility to make sure all trash is properly collected and disposed.

Many owners contract with Apple Valley Waste for trash collection. They will come once a week (usually Tuesday) and pick up bagged trash from a trash receptacle. They come early in the morning, so you may want to put trash out the night before. It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange for a proper, bear-resistant receptacle. You can contact AVW at 304-724-1834.

If you need a trash receptacle, you can purchase one from Craig Deane or Holly Malcomb. Both can provide wooden bins that are “mostly” bear resistant.