Can I appeal a denial of my DACC application?

While the DACC will work closely with owners on the approval for modifications to their property, sometimes there are requested changes that do not meet the current guidelines. Owners who receive a denial of their application may appeal the decision to the Board of Directors. Owners must notify the DACC of their request for appeal. The DACC will provide the original application and explanation for denial to the Board Secretary for inclusion at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Owners are encouraged to attend that meeting. The Board’s decision will be provided to the owner and a DACC.

I’d like to install a new roof in a color that is not allowed. However, I see other homes with this color roof. Can I use this color?

  • Unfortunately, no. There may be other homes that are not in compliance. Certain design features may have been approved at a time they were allowed and have been maintained in that condition, which is allowed. Any change in exterior appearance must be approved by the DACC.

I’m repainting my house the same color. Do I need to submit an application?

  • No, if the appearance of your home is not changing then there’s no need to submit an application to the DACC. This applies for most changes to the exterior of your home.

Water & Sewer

When can I expect to receive my Water/Sewer bill?

Water and Sewer meter readings are done each quarter: usually March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. You will receive your bill a week or so later by USPS mail or email (depending on your requested delivery method). Payments are due 20 days from the date of the invoice. Overdue bills are assessed a 10% late fee.